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Holistic Designing Solutions (HDS) does not consider designing as just the arrangement of words, images and colors. Instead, the key to a Holistic Design is to capture the spirit of objectives with which something is decided to be designed. At HDS it is not simply the job of a graphic designer to create a design that best suits the objectives of our clients. This is the process which must be carried out with the input of professionals of different departments including Brand Management, Pharmacology, and Statistics. Group working of these professionals would result in establishing clear objectives which would then be transferred to the paper to be worked upon by a graphic designer.


HDS gives the facility of separate graphic designers for vector images and raster images who are specialist in their own segments. It is implemented to prevent the market trend where even graphic designers are confused that how to differentiate between raster and vector graphics. These segment specialists are working under supervision of a person who has experience of both dimensions of graphic designing. In this way we are fully equipped to accomplish the objectives of our clients.


Memorandum of Design & Development (MDD) is the formal document of your requirements and its prerequisites. It can be submitted either online or manually. We encourage online submission which minimizes not only processing time, saves transportation cost but also adds on precision in the process. It is also good for bilateral record keeping. Keeping in view your requirements and urgency in the memorandum we will send you the quote preferably within 24 hours of submission of memorandum. Final work will be provided within decided timelines.