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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Holistic Solutions?

We are a team of professionals from different specialties of business management and medical sciences; who work together to identify & qualify the problems of our clients which are otherwise difficult to do alone as a person or by a single specialty. We support our clients till the solution of problems narrated by them or identified by us in the critical review of their processes. Hence we are the professional solution provider for the business problems of our clients.

Why ‘Professional Solution Provider’ is needed in Pakistan business segment?
Our team of professionals including those who have a vast experience of corporate segment of Pakistan, found it unanimously that in majority of the ‘Diseases of Corporate Segment’ symptoms are often taken as the problem, and real problems remain unidentified. As a matter of fact outcome is never the problem to be addressed; it is just the symptom to be treated. The real problem is either in input or in the processing. It usually remains hidden due to cross departmental functionality of the task to be accomplished. There is no single body of professionals of all relevant specialties who can study the input and processes cross departmentally to reach the real problem. Hence we came up with Holistic Solutions to maximize the business output of our clients through improvement of processes which can ensure least possible input for that maximum output.
What is meant by Holistic?

It is a terminology used in different fields of life; originally derived from a Greek word ‘HOLOS’ meaning solid or complete. Philosophically it is characterized by the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole. Medically it is characterized by treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of the disease.   In terms of marketing it is the refined version of integrated marketing where it was thought that every step is connected with the next step and the previous step. Holistic marketing gives the concept that every step is not only connected with the previous and the next but also with all other steps of the process and hence tends to improve the overall process to get the maximum output of a defined input.

If every corporate come up with its own department of this kind, then …

We welcome all those people who wish to plan it but practically there are constraints especially for small and medium sized organizations. 1st constraint is cost effectiveness. As every household can’t afford to establish a manufacturing setup of refrigerators for their domestic use, similarly small and medium sized organizations can't spend a huge amount for establishing different departments with a number of qualified and experienced professionals. On the other hand professionals also don't feel comfortable to work too little of their capacity. 2nd constraint is ‘Organizational Behavior’ where existing departments can't accept a new department on a higher cost who are just reviewing the process critically.

Where were you before it?
Before becoming the part of this team we were scattered and giving our services in corporate segment, medical colleges and business universities and then we became a team under leadership of a person who experienced all these segments in his life
Can you define type of solutions you are providing to the corporate segment of Pakistan?
Sure, we are providing a number of business solutions, which can add value to the business of our clients. We ensure to provide the best output in different business segments like meetings, designing and trainings. Usually these are carried out in our business community as a set of activities whereas we consider these as tools of success by transforming them from an activity into a solution.
What is the difference between meeting and meeting solutions; designing and designing solutions?
Designing and meeting are the segments thought to be worked artistically. In fact, these don’t remain an art only, rather modern scientific tools became equally important in enhancement of the productivity of these segments. We invite you to visit us to have a detailed insight of the modern scientific tools those we incorporated in designing and meetings to upgrade it from an activity into a solution.
What is the difference between consultancy and consultancy solutions; training and training solutions?

Training and consultancy are the segments thought differently by different people at different platforms with different objectives. These are usually initiated and even completed without proper 'Professional Need Assessment' survey to define the objective and methodology of training and consultancy which is the foundation stone of training and consultancy solutions.

What kind of results can you help me achieve in my business?
As problems are the result of circumstances and actions and until we don’t change it, we must not expect change in the results. The results really depend on your willingness to acknowledge the identified cause effect relationship of the business problems and your determination to change yourself and your surrounding when and where required. If you are willing and determined for it, results will be proportionately 100% as per decided objectives.
Are 'Red and White' logical choice for your corporate colors or you just did it as a brain wave?
Red color is always indicative of passion, courage and determination. Our red colored circle is indicating that we are passionate, courageous and determined to meet our objectives within sphere of our responsibilities. White is called the color of perfection and purity. Graphs and arrow of the logo are indicative of corporate growth whereas its white color is indicative of perfection and purity of growth.
What are the situations when an entrepreneur must think of engaging your services of Consultancy Solutions?

You must think of engaging our services when:

i.   You’re simply not getting what you want out of your business and can’t identify the reason why

ii.  You’ve reached a plateau and want to get to the next level.

iii. To become even more successful than you already are.

iv. Find it lonely at the top. And you need someone who can provide valued opinion other than family, friends or business  associates. All delivered in a straight-forward, brutally honest manner.

v.   You’re literally tired of losing sleep at night over the business and want to have better business days so you can actually enjoy your work again.

vi. To find practical solutions to issues affecting you personally as well as professionally.

vii. To keep you focused on the vision you have for your company… to maintain the success you have… to grow your business.

viii. To make a profit

ix. To pinpoint how and where you may have gotten off track with your business.

x. To sort through and solve various business problems and business issues.

xi. There is an organization within your organization which is getting stronger than the actual set up.

xii. All the revenue or profit is centered on few products, areas or business units whereas rest of the business segments are giving loss to the corporate

xiii. When you are unable to decide which of the services of ‘Holistic Solutions’ to be opted at this stage