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Mark of Professional Identification (MPI)  is historically connected to  “Sumerians” (5500-4000 BC) which was one of the ancient civilizations in southern Mesopotamia (modern southern Iraq).It is the overall image in the minds of  customers, investors, employees and all the people involved with the organization/ brand in any way. It is a primary task of the organization to maintain and build this identity to meet professional objectives.


Holistic Designing Solutions (HDS) believes that (MPI) plays a pivotal role in developing linkage between the brand and slogan to that of its objectives and performance.(MPI) has been named as logo, mascot, emblem or insignia. Whatever the name given to it, its importance lies in the function. It can function at its best if it is designed keeping in view the points discussed in MDD1

1st Memorandum of Design & Development (MDD-1)