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Pharmaceutical Sales Collaterals (PSC) are intended to make the sales effort easier and more effective. The brand of the company usually presents itself by way of its collaterals to enhance its image and  to deliver a consistent message. PSC differs from advertising in that it is used later in the sales cycle, usually when a prospective purchaser has been identified and sales staff are making contact with them. These are famous in Pakistan with different names like literature, folder, drop card, master detail aid (MDA), permanent visual (PV) etc.


Holistic Designing Solutions (HDS) believes whatever the name given to it, important is the objective setting and efficient use and outcome analysis. In this way designing and development of PSC is in fact a cyclic process which starts with a review for objective setting and ends with a review of objective accomplishment. In this “Review to Review Cycle” there is involvement of a number of departments including sales management, brand management, pharmacology, statistics and graphic designing and  in this way it is a trans disciplinary activity in true sense.

We offer end to end solution for this cyclic process especially to small to medium sized pharmaceutical companies, where it is not possible for them to establish all these departments effectively and efficiently.


Working with HDS is a good experience for these type of organizations as they are availing the full benefit of completing the cyclic process with a cost, that is proportionate to their requirements.



Role of Departments and PSC Brief

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PSC Brief

3rd Memorandum of Design & Developmemnt (MDD-3)

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