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MEETING MASTER is a unique software designed only for professional meetings. It ensures every meeting to be successful by minimizing frequent, ill planned and non-productive meetings and maximizing the benefits of well-planned and objective oriented meetings. It does not only improve the efficiency of meeting process but also rectifies the functions of all departments involved in meeting process through “MEETING MASTER”.

MEETING MASTER starts with the calculation of the actual cost of the meeting through one of its modules (Meeting Cost Calculator); and does not end before end of the problem for which meeting was called. It is a ‘step to step guide to conduct the meeting and also offers self-monitoring tools for organizers and participants of the meeting to prevent any deviation primarily from objectives of the meeting and secondarily from agenda of the meeting. It integrates not only the steps of a meeting but also results of different meetings to highlight the duration and cost of an objective accomplishment. In short, it is a miraculous tool to redefine meetings in terms of their productivity.