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If meeting is a problem; its solution is to identify the destination, set the direction to reach this destination and to define the steps which can ensure the journey in the same direction and towards the same destination.
Holistic Meeting Solution (HMS) came up with a solution to identify the destination (Point 02 of Meeting Resource Support) to set the direction (Points 3,4,5 of Meeting Resource Support) and to define the steps (Point 1, 6-14 of Meeting Resource Support) towards destination. It is a comprehensive support to the business community to get the maximum benefit (output) of its meetings with least possible input.


1. Pre Meeting Preparation Review (File Size : 727.41 KB)
2. Meeting Objectives (File Size : 395.46 KB)
3. Agenda Inclusion Request Form (File Size : 588.03 KB)
4. Meeting Agenda (File Size : 425.27 KB)
5. Agenda Objective Relevance Evaluation (File Size : 506.72 KB)
6. Meeting Arrangements Critical Path Finder (CPF) (File Size : 509.62 KB)
7. Meeting Arrangement CPF Review (File Size : 457.14 KB)
8. Minutes of Meeting (File Size : 435.17 KB)
9. Meeting Minutes Review (Last Meeting Minutes) (File Size : 481.01 KB)
10. Meeting Minutes Proceedings (File Size : 393.05 KB)
11. Meeting Minutes Adjournment (Closing) (File Size : 388.75 KB)
12. Post Meeting Action Plan (File Size : 415.96 KB)
13. Meeting Minutes (Annexure I) (File Size : 414.16 KB)
14. Meeting Minutes (Annexure II) (File Size : 355.14 KB)
15. Meeting Feedback, a process improvement tool (File Size : 787.29 KB)