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LEGENDARY organization is a step ahead of a professional organization…

I consider PROFESSIONALISM as practicing the defined policies along with integrity, honesty, and strict adherence to the human values. In my opinion professionalism is not tagged with the rate of success of an organization or a person.


However, title of a legend is usually awarded by the society at large to a blend of professionalism and success. Whereas SUCCESS is the outcome of identifying and qualifying the problems and exploring a set of solutions. If the SOLUTIONS are sought in isolation for every problem without regard of its predecessor and successor steps or the final common pathway of destination; it may take us away of the success. When we start to seek the solutions en bloc for all the problems in the way to our destination, it is called as "Holistic Solutions". Holistic Solutions is the key to upgrade a professional into a Legend.


Dr. Burhan ul Haque

Chairman at Holistic Solutions (Pvt.) Limited