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Product packaging basically is a set of activities directed to develop, design and produce a container (with accessories) in which the core product can be presented to be sold in the market. It is an integral part of product development and launch. In past it was used to be accomplished just by an impulsive or momentary thought.


Holistic Designing Solutions (HDS) has specialized ‘Packaging Designers’ who work with artistic techniques and scientific skills to meet the marketing objectives of package design. It analyzes the packaging to break it apart into different elements of packaging. Further work up is to decide on the optimal look and content of each element and to choose which elements should be dominant in the package design; whether the brand name, illustration or some other graphical element, and how these elements should relate to each other.


Although packaging is subject to some legal requirements in some specialized fields (Pharmaceutical,Nutrition etc); yet there is plenty of scope for improving brand awareness and establishing brand associations. HDS is striving to encash this scope at its best for its clients.


2nd Memorandum of Design & Development (MDD-2)