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Holistic Training Solutions (HTS) identified the need to train the people of pharmaceutical industry of Pakistan through feedback of entrepreneurs of small and medium sized business who are facing higher turnover of their team, and on the feedback of those people who failed to grow in the industry in spite of their credentials and hard work.


We identified the reason that they started their career in a small to medium sized organization where systems were not very well established. Those people failed to establish systems as they never worked with established systems. This led to a situation where there is frequent job switching which damages not only those small to medium sized companies but also the people who are switching frequently to earn more or to learn something to earn more.


In order to provide bilateral support to entrepreneurs and employees, we came up with a solution of training and development of these people under supervision of professionals who are qualified and are known for establishing systems in their relevant fields.


HTS is confident that it will serve the purpose efficiently by catalyzing the growth not only for under training professionals but for the business as well.