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“Holistic Training Solutions” (H.T.S) went for a brief primary research to explore the reasons of success or failure of business training. We concluded training as a”4 step (Objective Evaluation)” cyclic process where omission of a single step breaks the cyclic process. More specifically we have seen that the focus of all the failed trainings is only on step 02 (Training Execution) of this cyclic process, with partial or absolute omission of steps 01 (Training Plan), step 03 (Learning Implementation) and step 04 (Objective Evaluation).

Identification of business problems is the foremost prerequisite of business training. Followed by defining the nature of a problem in any of 03 categories; whether the problem is strategic, operating or administrative in nature. By defining the nature of the problem it is easy to decide whether the training is required or not; if the training is required; the next step (Training Needs Assessment) will support to define the objective, agenda, duration, frequency, size, type and delivery method of the training.