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“Holistic I.T solutions” (H.I.S) is specialized in website design and development particularly for pharmaceutical industry. As pharmaceutical industry is different from rest of the businesses in a way that it has to focus on multiple types and origins of customers; including doctors, pharmacists, patients and their families on regional, national and international level (as per the coverage of an organization). Hence, its websites are needed to be designed to attract all these tiers of customers by identifying and addressing their needs. It is also widely explored and seen by the business prospects and associates of the forward and backward supply chain of the company; so it must have something to satisfy their queries.

Our websites are 100% customized and developed based on our client's requirements using the latest tools and technologies in order to give the website visitors the best experience ever.
We offer a number of packages for our website development solutions:

Static Website:
This is a custom made, stand-alone website with no content management system. These websites are perfect for small businesses where content is not changed very frequently.

CMS Website: The Content Management System (CMS) based website allows users to update content using a secure back-end framework. You can change text, upload pictures/videos, receive data from visitors and much more. It is perfect for businesses that change their content frequently in order to keep their clients engaged.

e-Commerce Website: If content management is not enough, our e-Commerce solution is sure to satisfy your needs. It will allow you to sell your goods using the internet and keep a track of everything including shipped goods, returned goods and payments.

Custom Software Website: Regardless of what your requirement is, it facilitates you to get developed software based on your requirements and make it a part of your website. It is best for any organization that wants to use the power of the internet to generate leads, increase efficiency and maximize revenue with customer satisfaction.

Content Writing: Irrespective of the above mentioned types of the website, this is the most important aspect of any website. It has the multiplicative power for every type of website. If it is compatible with the overall business objectives of an organization, the results will be positively multiplicative and vice versa with incompatible content!

Our “Content Writers” are not only the professional writers but also have an experience of pharmaceutical industry and hence are able to write the content exactly as per the need of the client.